Submission of PhD proposals is now closed and PhD students have received notifiaction.

The aim of the IMP Doctoral Colloquium is to create a forum for in-depth, informal discussions between PhD students interested in the IMP approach and experienced IMP researchers. The Colloquium is organized by Nina Hasche and Catherine Sutton-Brady.

New for next year’s Colloquium in Örebro is that the reduced fee paid by PhD students also allows them to submit a paper for presentation at the main conference, giving you the added opportunity of additional feedback from conference attendees.


We are pleased to present the detailed program for IMP2020 Doctoral Colloquium, 2nd of September

About the Doctoral Colloquium

PhD students’ proposal presentations and discussions will take place in small groups comprising of four students, with two senior researchers assigned as discussants to each student. Students will have 30 minutes to present their work with 30 minutes for feedback and discussion. This Colloquium is unique in the fact that you get an hour dedicated to your research, an opportunity you should not miss.

If your paper proposal was accepted you will be required to submit a full proposal (up to 20 pages) by June 1st 2020 to Nina Hasche (nina.hasche @ This proposal will be reviewed by the discussants assigned to your session and feedback will be provided at the Colloquium.

 All submissions of full paper proposals should include the following aspects:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction (outlining the project, the research area and research question)
  • Literature /theory
  • Methodology
  • Description of the empirical study (or the planned study)
  • Provisional analysis of the empirical study
  • Discussion

Submit a full version of your PhD proposal

Doctoral Colloquium Virtual Format: a Few Basics

  • The Doctoral Colloquium will be centered around research, research papers, PhD students and Faculty acting as discussants. It will be, as always, held in an interactive and friendly atmosphere!
  • There will be separate paper session tracks in a digital format.
  • The Doctoral Colloquium will be led from a Conference Studio in Örebro.
  • The Doctoral Colloquium is to be broadcast via Zoom from the studio. 
  • The overall format of the Doctoral Colloquium is nonetheless the same: You will present for up to 30 minutes, allowing 30 minutes for questions and feedback. You have been assigned two faculty that will act as discussants, who will have read your papers prior to the Colloquium and will provide feedback and also ask questions. We also expect you to have read the other student’s papers as this facilitates greater interaction among the group.
  • Other student’s papers will be sent out in time for the Doctoral Colloquium via email.

What you get out of IMP 2020 VIRTUAL

  • The usual richness of exchange around a select set of academic papers with peers
  • Saving of travel time and associated transport and accommodation costs
  • Real-time exchange and feedback on your paper from discussants and PhD students attending the Doctoral Colloquium.
  • The continuation of the academic discussion and debate, even in light of COVID-19
  • And last but not least… A lower carbon footprint! That has got to help the planet. Given the overall theme of the main conference is Sustainability, it has to be a good thing!

Conference and Doctoral Colloquium Organising Committee

Nina Hasche

Assistant Professor – Örebro University School of Business

Nina Hasche is an Assistant Professor of Marketing in Örebro University School of Business. Her research focus on change and development processes in business relationships and networks, with recent projects looking at business collaborations and the creation of trust, value and legitimacy. Her research has been published in outlets such as Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management, IMP Journal, European Journal of Innovation Management, Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

Catherine Sutton-Brady

Associate Professor – The University of Sydney Business School

Catherine Sutton-Brady is an Associate Professor of Marketing in the University of Sydney. She holds a PhD from Western Sydney University and her research interests lie in the area of business-to-business marketing especially focussing on relationships and networks. Her current research focuses on relationship dynamics. She has published in these areas as well as in the area of higher education and assessment. Her research has been published in outlets such as Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, and Journal of Marketing Education.