Conference Virtual Format: a Few Basics

  • The conference will be centred around research, the researchers and research papers. It will be, as always, held in an interactive and friendly atmosphere!
  • There will be separate paper session tracks in a digital format.
  • The conference will be led from a Conference Studio in Örebro with hosts, experts and several interesting guests and key-note speakers.
  • The conference is to be broadcast via Zoom from the studio. There will be live discussions and panels from there in-between the paper sessions, also using Zoom to encourage interaction.
  • We will be using an app for your smartphone. This will, among other things, enable real-time feedback functionality on all the session papers as well as the functionality to get in touch with other participants. The app will provide you with all the necessary information you need during the conference easily accessible in your smartphone.
  • And of course, there will be Swedish Fika-breaks (coffee and cake breaks) using Zoom. So you get to catch up with colleagues and friends even at a Virtual Conference!
  • The overall format of the conference is nonetheless the same: 3 papers in a (digital) room with a track chair. Approximately 20 minutes per paper including questions and discussions. We will also be providing back-up in the form of a technical assistant to aid with Zoom and any other issues.

What you get out of IMP 2020 VIRTUAL

  • The usual richness of exchange around a select set of academic papers with peers
  • Saving of travel time and associated transport and accommodation costs
  • A more flexible attendance formula
  • Real-time exchange and feedback on your paper presentation from other delegates attending your virtual session
  • The possibility of switching between virtual tracks in the blink of an eye and hence “attending” those papers of greatest interest to you
  • The possibility of having your paper considered for the special issues (IMM, JBIM) emanating from the conference
  • The continuation of the academic discussion and debate, even in light of COVID-19
  • And last but not least… A lower carbon footprint! That has got to help the planet. Given the overall theme of the conference is Sustainability, it has to be a good thing!