Conference and Doctoral Colloquium

The IMP 2020 Conference & Doctoral Colloquium will be hosted by Center for Sustainable Business | CSB at Örebro University, Sweden.
The main Conference as well as the Doctoral Colloquium will take place mainly in and around the rooms of Örebro University School of Music, Theatre and Art at the eastern end of Campus Örebro.

Campus Örebro is located about 3 kilometres from the city center. The university is easy to reach by bus, taxi and on foot. Bus tickets can be purchased on board the bus, card payment only. The nearest taxi stop is outside the Music buildning.

How to find us

Örebro University
Fakultetsgatan 1
Musikhögskolan  – School of Music, Theatre and Art
70182 Örebro

Find your way to and on the Campus

Getting to the University from City Centre

Shuttle Buses between Hotel and University

On September 2, 3 and 4, shuttle buses will leave from all the hotels before the start of the conference in the morning and take you back to the hotels in the afternoon.


If you are going to or from the University at other times, there are also good connections to and from the city centre.

By taxi

A taxi should cost around 100-150 SEK (=10-15€). Ask to go to the University and to the main entrance of the building “Musikhögskolan”/”School of Music”

By bus

From the Travel Centre (“Resecentrum”):
Route 2 towards Brickebacken, Route 3 towards Brickebacken ,
Route 9 towards Universitetet,
Route 725 towards Almbro via universitetet

From the Castle (“Slottet”):
Route 2 towards Brickebacken, Route 3 towards Brickebacken,
Route 9 towards Universitetet

From Våghustorget (in city centre):
Route 2 towards Brickebacken, Route 3 towards Brickebacken,
Route 9 towards Universitetet, Route 10 towards Universitetet

The bus ride to the University takes about 15 minutes. Get off at “Universitetsplatsen”

You can see traffic information at – link

Paying for bus tickets

Cash is not accepted on buses in Örebro, so you can only buy a bus ticket with a debit or credit card.

Getting to Örebro

By Air

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

If you arrive at Arlanda you can go by coach or train to Örebro. The travel time is approximately 2.5 hours by train and 3 hours by coach.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport website

Please note that there are also other possible airports in Sweden. We do however recommend Stockholm Arlanda Airport as it offer the most convenient alternatives when traveling to Örebro from the airport.

By Train

Trains in Sweden

There are several companies operating the railway network in Sweden. The main train operator is SJ. Most trains can be booked via SJ’s webpage.

SJ, travel by train

Railway stations in Örebro

There are two railway stations in Örebro; Örebro Central and Örebro Södra. The main railway station in Örebro is Örebro Central. In connection with Örebro Central is Resecentrum, the Travel Centre, from where you can catch a bus or a taxi to the University.

By Coach

Flixbus and Nettbuss – Bus4you are the main coach operators to and from Örebro. They stop at Resecentrum, the Travel Centre at Örebro Central Station, from where you can catch a bus or a taxi to the University.

Flixbus, express bus travel
Nettbuss/bus4you, express bus travel

By Car

Once you have arrived in Sweden, Örebro is easily accessible by car from the E18/E20 motorways from major cities like Stockholm (200 km), Gothenburg (300 km), Oslo, Norway (300 km) and Copenhagen, Denmark (500 km).


There are approximately 1,500 parking spaces at the University. The more central ones are subject to a fee, weekdays between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.